To participate in this tournament you need to purchase both a ticket to the tournament and admission to the Lincon convention. To purchase a ticket for the tournament and admission for the convention you need to create an account over @

Unfortunately the Lincon page is only available in Swedish, but google translate should give you a Ok translation. Questions regarding the purchasing of tickets can be directed to the Lincon site or here at the Question section.

There are three different types of admission to the convention can be found here and they are:

  • Normal admission “Konventsinträde”
  • Student admission “Konventsinträde student”
    • Need for valid “Mecenat” or ” STUK” card.
  • Youth admission “Konventsinträde ungdom”
    • 7 -25 years old at the time of check in.

The tournament ticket can be found under “Butik” and is called “Warhammer 40K Grand Tournament

Questions and answers:

Here you can ask a question regarding the registration of the tournament.